Studying for The Fundamentals of Engineering (Chemical FE)

You know what? I’m feeling good and I want to start 2019 with a bang, so I want to track one of my 2019 goals via my blog, live. That goal is to pass the Chemical FE exam. It is loaded with plenty of subjects I REALLY need to brush off. Over the following 25 days, I will spend 30-60 minutes of practicing various problems over 16 topics. Check out the link above.

My main goal on writing this post is to hold myself accountable on being CONSISTENT. I do currently hold a full-time job as an engineer and I would like to go to they gym 3-5 times a week. With a busy schedule, I’d like to see if I can practice consistently for at least 25 days.

X = 25 minutes

(XX) Day 25 (Wed, Jan 2): Materials and Energy Balances (MEB) Reactor problem with a recycle stream. Key definitions: conversion (single-pass, overall), selectivity, yield and recycle ratios.

(XX) Day 24 (Thur, Jan 3): MEB reaction problem involving extents of reactions.

(X) Day 23 (Fri, Jan 4): Vapor-Liquid and Gas-Liquid Separation. Covered topics such as the McCabe-Thiel assumption, operating line, equilibrium line and the number of stages in a separation column (i.e. Distillation).

(XX) Day 22 (Sat, Jan 5): Conductive and convective heat transfer problems. I think heat-transfer problems are really cool.

(X) Day 21 (Sun, Jan 6): Radiation heat transfer and Heat Exchanger heat transfer problems.

(XX) Day 20 (Mon, Jan 7): Convective Mass Transfer problem and Binary Flash Distillation problem. F = L + V, Fz = Lx + yV.

(X) Day 19 (Tue, Jan 8): Watched videos from

(X) Day 18 (Wed, Jan 9): Watched videos from

(X) Day 17 (Wed, Jan 10): Practicing problems in various subjects

(X) Day 16 (Thurs, Jan 11)

(X) Day 15 (Fri, Jan 12)

(X) Day 14 (Sat, Jan 13)

(XX) Day 13 (Mon, Jan 14) Review

(X) Day 12 (Tue, Jan 15) Helpful sites. *

(XX) Day 11 (Wed, Jan 16) practice problems

(X) Day 10 (Thur, Jan 17) practice problems

(XXX) Day 9 (Fri, Jan 18) practice problems

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